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Accountable Agents, LLC is a full service signing agency located in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We designate mobile notaries to real estate transactions throughout the United States for title insurance companies, attorneys, realtors, and lenders. We have the ability to accommodate every possible type of real estate transaction from purchases and loan closings to something as simple as an affidavit or document collection. We have a vast network of notaries at our fingertips that we have pre-interviewed, approved, and entrust on your transactions. We understand that the settlement can be the most crucial part of the process and we work on making sure it goes as smooth as possible.

One Goal

We have one goal, and that is to provide the best possible, unmatched, service to our clients. We’re better in every way; our office employees, our mobile agents, and our technology. Accountable Agents strives not to just be a third party vendor, but a part of your team. We are extremely personable. We like you to think of us not as a vendor, but as sitting at the desk next to you and eager to assist you in any way possible. We accomplish this by having vast knowledge and experience in all related industries and making ourselves reachable 24/7. We're adaptable, flexible, and efficient.